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Technical research team

With a wealth of combined experience, we are proud of GTS’s technical research team, who do much of the work in producing STEAM reports for our clients. This team is located at our data processing office in North Lincolnshire. A rigorous quality control regime is in place to ensure the highest standards are consistently maintained. The technical research team comprises:

Alison Tipler

Tourism Research Supervisor – Data Inputting, data cleansing, report preparation for Scotland, England and National Parks within England and Scotland.  Alison oversees the day to day operations at our data processing office in North Lincolnshire.

Rebecca Espin

Data Research Assistant – Bedstock Department – maintaining up to date bedstock information for areas throughout the UK.

Aimee Tipler

Tourism Researcher – report preparation, maintaining up to date bedstock information, liaising with clients in respect of data collection for clients in England and Scotland.

Paula Dunning 

Tourism Researcher– data collection and verification for clients in Scotland and England.