Solutions to your research needs


At GTS (UK) we can provide a range of services to provide a solution to your tourism research needs; these include:

Time Series Data

Trend analysis is a cornerstone of STEAM and the model is designed to provide a robust base for monitoring trends. For each report year, the monthly, quarterly and annual data may be compared with data for previous years. Each year this expands opportunities for trend analysis and reporting.

Detailed Analysis

GTS (UK) delivers focus, reporting in a clear fashion on the economic impacts associated with key components of the Visitor Economy - types of visitor, categories of visitor expenditure and employment by sector.

Forecasting and Forward Planning

Trend data established through the STEAM process can provide useful indications of future performance of the key visitor sectors.

Sub-Analyses Relating to Visitor Origin and Purpose of Visit

Analyses relating to trip purpose and overseas visitors can be delivered as an additional service.

Focus Level Reports

Where appropriate input data can be assembled, there are opportunities to isolate, analyse and report the economic impacts associated with:

  • Individual events/festivals and groups of events
  • Individual tourism operations, such as visitor attractions and accommodation establishments, as well as groups of facilities
  • Existing, proposed or planned developments

Mapping Services

In delivering STEAM, we collate a wide range of tourism input data, such as tourism accommodation supply data, visitor attendance figures and occupancy rates. Some of this data, in conjunction with the outputs associated with these reporting areas can be re-presented to our clients in a spatial context. We are able to generate maps which demonstrate:

  • Density of tourism facilities
  • Variations in tourism performance between areas
  • Varying profiles in tourism performance and sector composition between areas

We can provide these outputs in PDF form, as well as ready for use in MapInfo or other mapping system formats. We can also supply data which can be viewed in Google Earth, which can be useful for demonstration purposes

Estimation of Gross Value Added

We are able to utilise the STEAM modelling process as a baseline for estimating Gross Value Added (GVA). Professor Stephen Wanhill, one of our directors, undertakes this additional work on behalf of GTS.

Tourism Sector and Visitor Surveys

Robust and reliable input data is the key to effective impact modelling. Supply of primary research and business performance data can vary dramatically between areas, as can the availability of resources locally to invest in data collection. We work with our clients to fill gaps in local data and are able to design and manage local surveys to capture data for STEAM. Where visitor surveys are required, to provide detailed analysis of visitor profiles, participation in activities or expenditure, we would typically partner with a local tourism research company within your area.