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GTS (UK) is represented throughout the United Kingdom by an experienced set of directors, each with a geographic area of responsibility; supporting them is an experienced data processing team based in North Lincolnshire. Together, we comprise a small specialised private company that presents and produces economic impact reports and other tourism-related research services for both the public and private tourism sectors.

Our main economic impact report is based on the Scarborough Tourism Economic Activity Monitor (produced as the Scottish Tourism Economic Activity Monitor in Scotland), or ‘STEAM’ report for short. STEAM was designed in Canada in 1981 by our Chairman, David James, and latterly, since 1989, developed in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to be used at the local geographic level, such as shire districts, national parks or cities. In operating STEAM in a variety of environments, we have successfully expanded the model’s reporting capabilities, building on STEAM’s local roots, to generate reliable and credible tourism statistics for wards and groups of wards not only for market towns or specific tourism events but also for other geographies, such as national and regional parks, rural and urban parts of local authorities, touring events, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and bespoke geographic corridors which often cross local authority and regional/national boundaries.

about us

GTS (UK) has been actively involved with the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) in providing technical support in the introduction and maintenance of Tourism Satellite Accounts (TSA) in various countries, as well as chairing and co-ordinating a small task force relating to the introduction and understanding of the new UNWTO International Recommendations for Tourism Statistics, especially in respect of TSAs, Sub-National Statistics and Tourism Destination Development.

Despite our extensive experience and professional knowledge, at heart, we remain a close-knit small company providing a reliable service at affordable prices. Our approach is personal and our service, friendly. If we can help you, we will, and we take pride in ‘going the extra mile’ for our clients, who are at the centre of all we do. We'd be delighted to hear from you if you have research need we can fulfil, you can reach us directly at Contact Us; we look forward to chatting with you.